Join our Team スタッフ募集

 ポジション・役: 保育補助スタッフ 






 パートタイム シフト制、1日3~4時間、月~金の午前/午後


エリア: 大阪、阪急池田駅(徒歩7分) 



  • 日本在住の方(性別・国籍問わず) 
  • 英語力: ネイティブ・堪能な方。あるいは日常会話が円滑にできる方 
  • 子どもとの関りが得意・子どもが好きな方 
  • 必要に応じて、保護者と日本語での対応が可能な方 
  • やる気があり、率先して行動できる方。 

 Position/Role:  Childcare Support Staff  


We are looking for international nursery school and kindergarten support staff.  

Japanese nationals who are proficient in English are also welcome.  

This is a communication-oriented preschool, so you will enjoy chatting and working with the children, focusing on play and interaction with them.  

If you are a student, a housewife who has finished raising her children, or a newcomer to Japan looking for a job... or if you are looking for a part-time job, we will be happy to discuss your schedule and the number of hours you would like to work.  


Part-time shifts, 3-4 hours per day, Monday-Friday mornings/afternoons.  


Area: Osaka, Hankyu Ikeda Station (7 min walk)  


Application Requirements:  

  • Residents of Japan (regardless of gender or nationality)  
  • English ability: Native/Proficient. Or be able to smoothly carry out daily conversation.  
  • Good at interacting with children and love children.  
  • Able to communicate with parents in Japanese if necessary.  
  • Motivated and able to take initiative.


For any interest please fill in the form below  下記フォームよりお申し込みください。

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