Whose Stripes?

Whose Stripes ? By Fiona Munro and Illustrated by Jo Garden.

Read by  Cameron Hill   from Little Lorikeets International Kindergarten/ Daycare.

This story is of a variety of different animals who have "Stripes" and the different areas they live.

Through out the story I ask some easy questions, can your children answer them.

The students at Little Lorikeets like this story and could find out quickly where everything was.


If you are interested in Little Lorikeets you can find out more here:

www.little lorikeets.com


I have also written a small booklet on my ideas on education and started putting the chapters up on the website here:



For those interested in purchasing the book here is a link to Amazon japan :


(this price is quite high, I'm sure if you search for it you can find it cheaper)


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