Culture Is Everything

Is Japanese culture important.

What about Japanese culture and the children being ready for the elementary school system.

These can be sticking points for parents who worry about their children being able to integrate in to normal Japanese society.

Of course Little Lorikeets is concerned with language development and communication as well as reading ability. We also like focusing on the fact that there are loads of different cultures and thinking styles in the world. Really accentuating difference of opinion and culture as something good is important for development. 

And of course we see value in Japanese culture too.

At Little Lorikeets we follow a system we have developed over 11 years that closely resembles Japanese Elementary school, so that the students will have no worries when they move on to that level. Giving them responsibilities such as class captain #当番, cleaning duties efc they learn. 

By having these responsibilities the students are learning to be active members who are willing to lead. This is an important soft skill to have when they are adults.

As to curriculum as well as teaching about different culture, thinking styles, cultural events from around the world we also follow the Japanese #幼稚園 curriculum that is set my the ministry of education.

Because of this they learn about Tanabata, Hina Matsuri etc in English. They also participate in the normal events kindergartens here have, such as #運動会 and #発表会 by having all of this value added, Little Lorikeets students will become well developed, well rounded members of Japanese society and the world. 

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