Great Opportunity At Munchikin

Having a wonderful time in Munchikin class.

The new member has made a seat out of me, but at least she's not crying.

Giving your kids a chance at International education that you never had. What a terrific opportunity for them.

Especially now that the world is becoming more global. More and more foreigners who speak #English but not #Japanese are entering Japan, and that is accelerating now at an unprecedented pace, especially since Japan's population is decreasing.

Of course the Japanese language is important to master but now days so is a 2nd language like English, French, Spanish, Chinese.

And from my experience with my own 5 children who speak English and Japanese fluently, there is no handicap to putting your child into an international kindergarten.

They are immersed in Japanese every day at home and with relatives and friends. And whatever perceived deficiency in language is very very quickly fixed when they attend Elementary School.

If you want to give your kids the chance you never had let's start with Munchikin class

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