Penguin by Polly Dunbar 読み聞かせ

This is a cute little story about Ben and his penguin.


It really highlights that just because someone is not acting the way you want, doesn't mean they are not your friend. It also shows that just because some one is not talking or communicating in a the way you want does not mean that they are silly or slow. Maybe they are taking it all in and will talk when they feel the time is right. Just like with English, it takes time for it to start coming out, and just because your chldren are learning it, it does not mean that they are going to speak English to you.

This is a good lesson for parents to learn too.


Teaching children to own their English language is what we specialise in at Little Lorikeets.

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For anyone interested in getting a copy of Polly Dunbars Penguin it can be found on Amazon Japan here: Penguin Book



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