Don't study rules

Play is the best way for children to develop langiage in a consequence free zone. They learn from listening to friends and adults and they develop their own rules naturally ~ Steve Kaufmann

This is why we see play is the most important aspect of our school and letting the children develop the language in their own ways and with their own scaffolding.


Another reason why you should put your children int to an all English environment and as much as possible as soon as you can.

With Univeresities now realising that if they are to compete on the international level they will have to make English the default language will mean that Japanese children will have to have a higher level of English sooner to beable to get into these top Universities.

I will share an article about the universities changes in my necxt post.


Thats all for now.

Caneron Hill , Prinicpal of Little Lorikeets Kindergarten