Don't sweat on the basics

Cameron here, Pinicipal of Little Lorikeets.

This is a very good point on language aquisition and is why we highlight here at Little Lorikeets why starting as soon as possible is important.

The natural order of language aquisition..

Kids will pick up the right way of speaking the language at particular times and it doesn't matter how much the parent or teacher corrects it.

I have found this with my own children and also see it daily in the school. The biggest factor I see for gettng a language is "Time in the Language".

It has taken me personally 18 years to get fairly proficient at Japanese and thats slow haha, well actually it took about 3-4 years to start being able to attain daily conversational level that Japanese natives could understand. And I wans't immersed in the language because i had the chance to communicate in English with family and friends.

From my own analogy as well as your own exxperiences learning English at primary school and high school how slow it can be..

Therefore you should invest in your childs future by giving them as much time in an all English envronment as possible.


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