Continuing Education

Recently I've been attending training for continuing education in relation to kindergarten and child development. The theme had been the importance of warming up.

Starting with early morning and getting sun in the eyes, eating breakfast, walking of possible to school, leading up finally to the "Golden Time" in the afternoon where children can run around build up a sweat and then go home have dinner and fall asleep soundly.

They have the data and it's interesting.

Just a slight shift to the right (ie waking up later, eating later etc) can upset the balance drastically.

They are even thinking it's a cause to the "shut-in syndrome" ひきこもり that's plaguing Japan.

Also the data is coming in from corona period of "stay at home". it's taken a year and a half to notice but, childrens strength and stamina development have drastically decreased. Also another thing that has been noticed is eyesight has also drastically been weakend.

some of the causes are

 > reduced outside play time (sun light is really important for hormone regulation, eye sight development, vit D synthesis which is important for bone and muscle development etc )

> extended device time (TV, smartphones etc )

I've known about this from my time study Western medicine for Acupuncture but to see the actual effects in data was enlightening.

I'm actually thinking about getting qualifications to be an Outdoor play specialist shortly.

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