2nd of Feb, 2nd Japanese speech Yippee


Yesterday I did a Japanese speech. I've only done 1 more in Japanese before this one. It's getting a little easier.
The speeches theme was about my Uncle and what I knew of him. Unfortunately he died recently in a bike accident.
Last time I met him was 20 plus years ago. He took me on a road trip, it was a great experience and he taught me lots of things. It's really sad I won't be able to meet him again.
Because of what happened and the fact that I am progressing towards getting my bike license, I've been increasing interested in how to ride bikes safely.
So I have been watching channels that specializes in bike riding skills to learn more about it.
One channel I have taken a liking, is Motojitsu.
Actually in yesterday's speech I referenced Fast Eddie and his channel.. Please go and have a look..
#bikesafty #安全運転 #トーストマスターズ #西宮トスートマスターズクラブ #toastmasters @motojitsuclub