Toast Masters Experience

Recently I have joined ToastMasters. I wanted to Improve my public speaking abilities, meet new people and learn how to teach public speaking to the students of my school Little Lorikeets.

It's been a great experience, really enjoyable. I have Joined a Bilingual club in Itami called Itami ToastMasters there I intend on polishing my English public speaking. The other club which is in Nishinomiya and is a Japanese only club, and is called Nishinomiya ToastMasters there I can gain the ability to do a speech in Japanese . Public speaking is a really important skill to develop and even though I am able to speak publicly in a  proficient manner in English I could still use polishing. My main concern though is developing my ability to speak in Japanese as I intend on living in Japan indefinitely. 

In Little Lorikeets I always encourage the students to stand up in front of their peers and read their graded reading or the paragraph that they have written from the project we are working on for the week.

This month at the Itami ToastMasters club I was fortunate enough to win the Table Topics award . Table topics is a great way to practise your impromptu speaking abilities and get use to being put on the spot in front of an audience.

I hope that if ever you get the chance to attend a ToastMasters meeting you will take it up.

and maybe I might meet you there.


Cameron Hill Little Lorkeets Owner