Primary School English

Learning to think 小学英語
Learning to think 小学英語

With the universe English entrance protocol changing in 2020 listening and speaking are becoming more important. Especially over just doing an exam and getting points for it.
A scene from our G kids class.. Thia class starts from the 2nd grade of primary School 小学2年生. It runs from 5.00 to 6.30 5 days a week, and the minimum amount of time is two times a week.
The kids in this class have been in the school for a long time and are really starting to read and soak English by then selves.
Unfortunately it's a closed class meaning we don't accept anyone from the public unless they have exceptional English skills and usually the kids don't need to go to English school because they are fluent or proficient anyway.
Anyone who wants to join must be interviewed first to gauge their proficiency in English.


日本の大学入試制度が、2020年以降 変化していく中で、ますます「聞く・話す」ことへの重要度が高まっています。ただテストでいい点を取るため、いい成績を取るため、とはいかなくなりそうです。
このクラスに関しては、一般募集は、現在ご遠慮させて頂いています。(英語力が高いお子さんの場合を除いてですが、 元々高い英語力がある場合は流暢に話せるということなので、英語のスクールに通う必要はあまりないでしょう)

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