Some notes from Coffee time

* He use to live in Ikeda
* they are in the same baseball team
* amateur team
* what does he think about me
* no body there
*In two weeks time
* graduation
* bracelet
* wooden
* what will you do over the spring holidays ?
* nothing planned
* It's enough
*three siblings
* hes the younger
* narcissist
* profit
* four pieces
* cut into four pieces
* that has been cut into for pieces
* all of it
* leaves
* sometimes he leaves it
* doesn't eat it all
* yesterday you didn't eat it all so you can only have half today
* why
* because you didn't finish it yesterday
* swish around your mouth
* rinse your mouth out
* the bicycle is coming from behind / in front of us so be careful
* when we go across the road
* look both ways before crossing
* walk along the side of the road
* inside the white line
* stay over night
* once every two days

* he looks more like me

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