Beach Time and Markets

We decided to go for a swim at the local area, but in the enclosure there were lots of Jelly fish, so we swam out side of the nets. we found out that that was risky because there have been bull shark attacks recently in the broadwater.

One night we had roast lamb for dinner it was great, such an experience considering i haven't eaten it in 4 years.

Dad was doing a little bit of DIY too, using a concrete cutter to cut a line in the back porch.

For lunch one day we had pizza at a friends house, the pizzas were yummy and only 4.95 a pizza at lunch time, soo cheap.

When we went over to my sisters house for new years I saw an old queens lander style house, it needed to be done up a bit.

On another day we went to Broadwater parklands in Southport for a dip. It was great people swimming, playing on the gear, flying kites.

There was a beautiful kite shaped like a ship.

On another day we went to Carrara Markets there were lots of stalls and things to see. We had a meat pie and a sausage roll for lunch , I saw a lovely Jam doughnut but decided not to eat it.

I went to see to Dads work yard, to drop off the concrete cutter. I saw some heavy machinery there.

On one night for a bit of cultural diversity we decided to cook some Okonomiyaki for dinner it was a great success and every body who ate it liked it, we even had some ask for the recipe. The great grand mother even liked it.



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