Keeping the Interest going for Bilingual Children









ここに我が家の子どもたちも大好きなOne Directionの動画があります。ハリースタイルズはこのOne directionのメンバーの一人です。



Showing your Bilingual kids or students lots of music in the minority language ( English) is a good to foster interest in it and keep their interst in learning.

Because they are listening to the catchy tune and singing along to it they are practising there pronunciation skills, even though they might not know what they are singing its great practise but also as they get a bit older they start asking questions like " what does this mean ?" so they start to learn new vocabulary from the songs.

Showing them songs in the Minorty language is not just great for the learning aspect but also for the chance to show them that there is much more out there then just the Majority language ( Japanese) and makes them realise that learning the Minority language ( English ) is important for them to do.

Giving them the dream that if they get good at English they would beable to speak to their star Harry styles is a good dream that keeps them interested in English.

Above is a video from One Direction which my kids love and sing along to, and also if you don't know Harry Styles is a member of 1D ( one direction)


one direction
one direction
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