Coffee Time 4th of Feb and 22nd 23rd of Jan

No Tresspassing
No Trespassing
*It's not leather
*all stars game
*to teams put together
*from two teams
*the opponents were from five different teams
*tall & fat
*zero to one
*you like
*what's your teams name?
*what teams do you like
*on the ninth
*In the morning semi finals
*then in the afternoon the finals
*hot spring
*when shes married we won't be able to travel much anymore
*lots of walking
*the grave is near Kiyomizu temple
*I like Kyoto lot's
*I always walk to the same places
*pearl drinks
*natural immunity
*are you off? , are you on your way ?. are you going?
*pay as you go

*business associate


*I haven't been in a long time
*I didn't take it
*did you do it your self ?

*should do that
*which school do you go to ?
*towards satsuki mountain
*across the road
*what work do you do ?
*a volcano erupted
*seems like japan
*one year ago
*went with my daughter
*I had lunch with my best friend
*her son
*she bought a jacket for him
*but he didn't like it
*twenty one years old
*don't know what hes thinking
*strange environment
*lunch was good?
*study group
*go for it

*when do you get the results?

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