Coffee Time 7TH , 9TH & 10TH

Ikeda Bank
Ikeda Bank
*If you say to another person
*The other person will tell me
*If you make your brain work
*another way of saying it
*what did you do over new years?
*shes not in pain
*I haven't got many
*lost lots
*The day before
*outside training
*he enjoyed him self
*what the heck , oh my gosh
*Take care of your self

*It looks beautiful but the room was small
*not much food
*outdoor onsen
*there was no bathroom in the room
* If there wasn’t an onsen it would have been cold
*what did you do ?
*your own skiing gear
*my own gear
*when i was younger


*a musical
*what else have you been doing


*visit the temple
*used for fifteen years
*the last day of the show
*near Osaka castle hall
*I went to
*how much does it cost
*membership cost
*the main theatre
* adult district


*it doesn't seem like muse




*how many times have you seen
*Lots of future
*watched TV
*ran away
*The bar
*I will ask you
*top percentage
*Poor you

*Bringing up kids

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