Coffee Time Notes December

3rd of Dec

*go to a
*will be higher
*three times as much
*what do you want him to be?
*I hope that he is healthy and rich and lives a long life
*B & B :Bed and breakfast
*Talked a lot
*went back to my home
*hushed up
*thorium reactor
*huge increase
*G.S.T goods and services tax

*No respect for things


5th of Dec

* Studying for a test
*have you had it recently


*cheat sheet
*cunning != cheating  (!= does not equal) cunning is clever, smart usually used for warriors generals tacticians,,, not for people who cheat on their tests
*doesn't know
*financial planning
*stocks and shares


*currency exchange
*all the rooms at the hotel are suites
*buffet = Japanese viking

*primary school


12th of Dec

*this season
*under the sea
*under ground
*Hot spring
*It changes your perception
*do you need these?
*How did you get there?
* by train, by car?
*It took two and a half hours
*It had allocated seating
*three hundred and fifty dollars
*senior citizens
*I have heard that before
*what ever!!
*pocket money
*what songs will you sing?
*student discount
*Saturday I’m working


*practise exam
*I went to visit my client in hospital, but he had already been discharged the day before
*he had no complications so he got out earlier
*he was happy to see me
*life expectancy is six months
*her daughter
*he changed teams
* I'm interested in the national team

*the world cup is next June


19th of Dec
* finals
* he is number four on the team


*he didn't understand your English
*he soon forgets
*wings it
*wing it until you make it
*where do you get it from?
*near my house
*she likes


*the last day of the performance
*take you with him
*you don’t seem like a Japanese Salary man
*all annual holidays
*person on salary
*when the shit hits the fan
*to roll with the punches
*post card
*have a Merry Christmas
            Happy New Year
20th of Dec
* Christmas Menu
*set deductions
*only available after four o’clock
*to do one job
*waste of time and money
*doesn't like
*I got

*old school

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