Coffee Time 26th & 27th

Autumn Leaves 池田市
Autumn leaves Ikeda
*cook lunch
*after lunch i went shopping
*one day was finished
*I went to
*local train
*I'm going to see a client who works at the hospital then after that I'll go to the university
*coming back
*books are thick
*cup a soup
*fear mongering
*talking about it with their friends
*eldest son
*packing for it
*field trip
*family wagon





 *What type of work do you do ?

  *you seem busy
 *financial year
 *Profit, surplus
 *he was
 *what was it?
 *what did you say?
 *play of words なぞかけ
 *you though of that your self
 *did you go to Ikeda primary?
 *pillar, pole
 *what part?
 *listen to
 *religious training
  *met at
*can't read between the lines        \
*can't understand the situation
*can't see the wood for the trees                      K.Y
*can't see the bigger picture
*tunnel vision, have their blinkers on               /

 *one man's poison is another man's medicine

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