Coffee Time

Train Tracks

* Nervous

* their minds are weak
* how to communicate
*their main form of communication is internet, email, social network service
* person to person
* told off
* using strong words
* peer pressure
* criticism ; constructive criticism
*too kind  
* hard love
*university lecturer
*on the train
*in the future
*i usually wear contacts
* the lids of the cases are different colours
* there is a school event
* they made their own costumes and arranged their own scripts
* who ever wins gets to do their act in front of the parents
*shut the curtains
* progress 
*play pretend
*  dehumidifier

* food

*the pig food is of the highest quality
* because it is so big we think that it is closer then it actually is
* i wore a long sleeved shirt
* frozen food
* stir fry
*study by him self

* i was in charge of the game area

*they  grab lots of candy
* we didn't get to do fireworks 
* she enjoys it
*an independent enterprise 自営業
* walking
*not as many as usual
* i wasn't interested 
*i was surprised
* only a few / not many people
* the voucher can only be used in that department store
*stock holders
* i better get going soon 
* suggested
* scifi = science fiction
*pocket money
*part time work
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