Coffee Time 31st

Coffee time

【Cafe OPEN time】Mon-Fri  

土日・祝日休み . カレンダー通り

  6:00~9:45の間の都合のいい時間にCome in!!



 ¥500/60min + ¥Cafe  Menu(¥50~)

 ¥250/30min + ¥Cafe  Menu(¥50~)

☆4000円チケット=60min × 8times/1ヶ月

          30min × 16times/1ヶ月

☆2500円チケット=60min × 4times/1ヶ月

          30min × 8times/1ヶ月

※※※ チケットを購入されない1回参加もできます ※※※

 1回=700円(60min) + ¥Cafe Menu(¥50~)

         300円(30min) + ¥Cafe Menu(¥50~)


1ヶ月一度もご来店がない場合、とっても勉強になるとご好評の「Coffee Phrases」の配信は停止致しますので、ご注意ください!!!ご来店お待ち致しております!!

Coffee Phrases

you pay to much

* apply

* details,   financial records

* pay

* he looks after the taxes

* audit

* p.m 2.5 particulate matter 

* pile; pile of rubbish

* after the training day

* they are working in different sections

* by my self

* BYO bring your own

* for the first time

* a friend of mine / my friend


* associate

* i don't know what time it was

* so much for ....... i.e So much for the rainy season

                                  So much for that french restaurant

               ( used when you don't think something was that good )

* half arsed, half baked ( a job half done)

* straightened;  i get my hair straightened

* clippers 

Have a good weekend :-)


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