Coffee Time Phrases 29th & 30th

out side CAN International Preschool


*not confidence 
*sense that you  hit the mark
*by myself 
*in detail 
* we have been friends since June high 
*amongst my friends she's been the longest 


* preperation

* i will know ten days before the starting date

*the busiest year

* in twenty years this has been the busiest year

* extra jobs got added to my work load 

* once every two weeks

*me and my son

* I haven't seen it

* empty seat

* i fought for an empty seat?

* when is your birthday ?

*where are you from ?

* what kind of animal do you like best?

* what is your hobby ?

* what sports do you like watching?

*"                                 " doing?


* when is your game ?

* what are you doing after practise?