Coffee time 20th 22nd



*cleaning the mold
*I can't take it off
*how long is your exam for?
*polytechnic, TAFE ( Queensland version)
*home economics
*second day
*what did you do on the weekend?
*last Saturday I went to the movies with my family
*we went to see Frozen
*I want to see
*I wanted to see it in 3D
*was it entertaining
*Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle
But put me in summer and I'll be a happy snowman ( should be puddle, I'll be a puddle)
*any plans for Saturday and Sunday
*this is the second time for a workshop
*I didn't sell anything yesterday
*how many people came yesterday?
*how much does it cost to do the workshop?
*It gets split between the members
*pocket money
*jewelry only
*city office
*land owner
*try new things
*feel sorry
*unusual names
*I understand
*getting fat
*he should speak English
*can't get a job
*Ferris wheel
*I didn't ride it but they rode it
*parents day

*the main organizer
*preparation time
*new systems
*others were interested in the seminars
*helping them was difficult
*difficult to understand
*I don't want to be a manager
*can't be a manager
*second grade
*did you pass?
*all together it was five hundred points, and i got four hundred and eighty three
*I didn’t give a good answer
*pine cone
*no wind
*so i didn't mention the wind in my answer
*I made five pieces
*take some jewelry to a salon
*maybe sell some
I want him them to sell my jewelry
*hair salon
*her dream is to be a beautician
*she leaves for Namba
*the school starts at nine
*she can practise from eight o’clock
*my sons dream is to play games
*after he studies he can play games
*he is getting better results
*if his results go down he's not allowed to play games
*incentive to study
*work to make money so he can buy games
*earn money
*track and field
*shot put
*to lose weight
*after school running
*his girlfriend wants to be in the Olympics
*the Olympics are in two thousand twenty
*what are you going to do on the weekend?
*parents day
*watching a demonstration
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