Coffee Time [Kɔːfi Táim]

flower CAN INternational

 [Kɔːfi Táim]

What a nice sunny day, i  hope everybody had a good weekend.  
*drew: she drew a picture 
*bbq =barbie ,  barbecue 
*did you eat lots? 
*brand new 
*more then is needed 
*delivery time 
*frozen food 
*i haven't been there before 
      - I haven't been to that restaurant 
      - I haven't seen that before 
*he's got a good memory 
*i read books on the train 
*kagoshima,  sakurajima 
* Mt fuji is a dormant  volcano 
*sweat potato is famous in kagoshima 
*in one week in have exams /tests 
*its a good system it teaches you to be adults 
*what uni do you want to go to?        (uni =university)