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Socialisation At An International

保育士 watching the daycare children.
保育士 watching the daycare children.

Socialisation, and interesting topic that some parents #保護者 think about.

In a small school they worry there's not enough socialising ..

But actuality there is maybe more..

1st the socialisation in Little Lorikeets in English. The students are able to communicate and be social here.

But then they get to go and be social in Japanese at the park after school.

In away it's better because they get to make friends with new children not only those friends they know from #幼稚園 which most likely will be the case in a big japanese kindergartens they will all go to the same park after school and hang out with the same friends.

There is also one more aspect that new parents do not know.

Some say to us but when they graduate and go to elementary school they won't have many friends.

Well this is the thing, when they leave a normal Japanese kindergartens and go to primary school it is most likely they won't go to the same elementary school anyway, and if they do the chances of being in the same class as your kindergarten friends will be slim.(actuality this is what happened to my Son, his best friend at kinder went to another #小学校 😅l

So to think logically about it at elementary school they will meet new friends anyway.

So why stunt their English development by worrying about socialisation and friends at primary school.

Because we are international the students learn to accept diversity at a young age, also because of our desire for them to be positive individuals in the future and how we educate them they grow up to make friends easily with unfamiliar people.

That is an attitude worth investing in for future success.

Proactive individuals who go out and meet new people.

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Benefits Of An International Daycare Or Kindergarten

保育士 speaking English to the kids in the morning
保育士 speaking English to the kids in the morning

The daycare kids are in and having fun before the kindergarten kids get in.

Talking away in English playing with Duplo and using their imaginations, talking to the teachers.

It's exactly the same as a normal #幼稚園 or #保育園 except that it's all in English.

Some parents might worry about the children's Japanese abilities but from our experience there is no issue, they of course speak fluent #日本語 with their parents, relatives, friends at the park on weekends...

Why stunt their chance to become fluent in English by worrying about their Japanese language development.

When they get busy in Elementary school with #塾 swimming, piano lessons etc the chances for developing English fluency slips away.

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Story Time

Reading Monsters love Underpants
Reading Monsters love Underpants

Reading "Monsters love Underpants" to the class.

They really enjoyed the story.

Maybe not as fun as a live reading but we have put the story on our YouTube channel to watch.

YouTube :


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Monday, 1st park?

保育士 looking after the students
保育士 looking after the students

Monday, back to school.

Everyone is settling down into the rhythm of school life so today we will go to the Park.

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Monsters Love Underpants

Monsters Love Underpants By Claire Freedman & Ben Cort


Another rendition of the Underpant franchise.

The students of Little Lorikeets who also love "Aliens Love Underpants" really like the monsters in this story.

With a bit of rhyming which is good for the ears its a light fun story.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Monsters Love Underpants please check here:


And for anyone interested in learning about Little Lorikeets International Kindergarten please check here:



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学童 Afterschool

Everyday different members of our afternoon class come along and play while speaking in English of course.

Some even come and do their homework.

The benefits of graduating from Little Lorikeets.

To come after a day in a Japanese Elementary school and switch over to English might seem tiring but all the students are energized by coming here.

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Playing With The 保育士

保育士 is happy fun with the kids
保育士 is happy fun with the kids

The daycare kids ( #保育 #幼児 ) are in and playing with the licenced staff member ( #保育士 l

and having fun in English.

Being dropped off from 8.00 and being able to stay until 18.30, the parents can feel safe their children are being looked after.

Of course we have an extension option ( #延長料金) for special occasions when the pick up or drop off time is earlier or later.

For more details check out our website


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Great Opportunity At Munchikin

Having a wonderful time in Munchikin class.

The new member has made a seat out of me, but at least she's not crying.

Giving your kids a chance at International education that you never had. What a terrific opportunity for them.

Especially now that the world is becoming more global. More and more foreigners who speak #English but not #Japanese are entering Japan, and that is accelerating now at an unprecedented pace, especially since Japan's population is decreasing.

Of course the Japanese language is important to master but now days so is a 2nd language like English, French, Spanish, Chinese.

And from my experience with my own 5 children who speak English and Japanese fluently, there is no handicap to putting your child into an international kindergarten.

They are immersed in Japanese every day at home and with relatives and friends. And whatever perceived deficiency in language is very very quickly fixed when they attend Elementary School.

If you want to give your kids the chance you never had let's start with Munchikin class


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Don't Let Them Suffer

Munchikin Time. Japanese 保育士さん playing with kids.
Munchikin Time. Japanese 保育士さん playing with kids.

Munchikin Time.

The best opportunity to let your child get into an all English environmental and play with English speaking friends.

To get proficient takes time and money and when they are in Elementary school and start doing Juku (塾) and Kumon and other extra curricular activities they will lose that time.

And then one day the will have to do 英検 to get into University, oh the stress that can cause for students who start English later on.

Don't let your darlings suffer like you, mum and dad might have when you were at school. 

Do you remember disliking English at school but now need it for work?


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Early Birds 2024

保育士 watching and playing with the morning children
保育士 watching and playing with the morning children

Early birds in and playing.

From 8.00 until 18.30 the daycare kids (保育幼児) stay in the all English environmental and have fun.

What a great opportunity mum and dad most likely never had.

To be proficient, even fluent in English by time they get to elementary school, what a chance.

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2024 First Munchikin

New Munchkins
New Munchkins

Yesterday was the first day back for Munchkins.

And we have one new face who came in and had some fun with the team.

Overall a good start to the new school year.


Bilingual Kids Have Advantages

Bilingual Kids studying
Bilingual Kids studying

An interesting article about bilingual children.

It also so mentions the concerns of "language deficiency" of the majority language which is a concern for people in Japan, but as mentioned the bilingual brain will still keep processing both languages despite one being repressed aka the minority language.

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Why I Love Australia

A new story at Little Lorikeets that the students loved listening to.

"Why I Love Australia" Illustrated by Daniel Howarth

By the end of the week they were all really into it and could remember the animals and places.

Wonderful to give them a look into Australia, and its culture and scenes.

Every week a different book at Little Lorikeets International Kindergarten



If you are interested in picking up a copy of "Why I Love Australia" please to here:

Amazon Japan

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Preschool プリスクール


Pre-Time KIDS募集中!!!